Nickey’s Hatchery is one artist’s passion for fantasy monsters, creatures, worlds and characters come to life with the help of 3D Printing.

My 3D Modeling career began in 2012, as a Junior Modeler and Texture Artist for the movie The Expendables 3. While short-lived (I joined the team right as they were wrapping-up a lot of the scenes in the movie) my job at Worldwide FX taught me a lot of valuable skills.
As I was always keen on being my own boss, I quickly decided to turn freelance. My attention was drawn towards 3D Printing right from the start and my first client at the time wanted a custom ball-jointed doll with full articulation done entirely for 3D printing. You can say that I was thrown at the deep end with that project. Through years of experience, hard work, trial and error and coffee, I finally decided it was time to create my own brand of minis – Nickey’s Hatchery.

And now, well, it’s more hard work and even more coffee. But it’s a wonderful journey and I’m excited for what lies ahead (mainly beasts, monsters, dragons and dangerous worlds… but hey what’s life without some danger!). If you’d like to dive with me into this adventure, check out the social media links and our Discord Community below! I’m active at all times and always look forward to talk to anyone about minis and 3D Printing!

Thanks for reading and happy adventuring!