Q: How do I create/delete an account?
A: All STL Files purchases are now done through Gumroad (store.nickeyshatchery.com). You can buy products through the store with or without an account but I would recommend that you make a Gumroad Account. It gives you access to all your purchases and you never have to worry about losing your purchased files!

Q: Aaaah that model or another model isn’t printing right! What do I do?
A: First of all, calm down. 🙂 Please, get in touch either through the social media links on the left of every page or join the Community Discord and you will get help as quickly as possible for your specific issue.

Q: I’ve heard that Resin is better for minis. Can I print your models in FDM?
A: Well, you’ve heard right. Resin printers are made specifically to handle small parts and details (jewelry, dental and, yes, miniatures). However, be not afraid if you only have an FDM printer! The files are tested on Resin machines BUT they should print in FDM without issues, as well. For any specific problems or if you need printing tips and help, join us on the Community Discord (where we have plenty of people proficient in printing) or contact me through social media.

Q: Why are most of your models without bases or offered both with and without bases?
A: A number of reasons. Usually printing without bases is not only easier but also cheaper (especially when printing in resin). Bases can also sometimes make supports a lot harder to remove. Most people also already have a bunch of physical bases or can easily and cheaply acquire some great ones. With that said, if you like printing bases, when appropriate I also sculpt detailed bases for my models.