Coach Fuzzybutt



“But coach, I don’t think that’s gonna work….”
“I WIELD THE SECRET BOOK OF PLAYS! Now do as I say and tackle that Deathroller!!!!! IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO STOP IT!!!”
Narrator: It’s a secret book but no one has ever claimed it was good. It is said that it’s not a special book at all and it was actually written by Dwarven football players as a way to mess with the Coach’s team. The book says the “Tackle the Deathroller” play is the best one and Coach Fuzzybutt tends to use it every time against Dwarves. It is no surprise thus that they tend to lose every time, as well.

This variant of King Sparktail is made with fantasy football games in mind!

The Flesh Forgers are a race of Ratmen who love biological mutations and other enhancements.
Read about them here:

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